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National Mammal Week

This week is national mammal week. Mammals in the UK are one of the most under-recorded groups of animals due to their secretive nature and the sporadic nature of spotting. With 1 in 4 British mammals listed as threatened with extinction and many others in decline we need people to send in their records so that our current populations can be understood and protected.

You might be surprised that it is sometimes harder to collect data on more common species and that records of even common animals can be very useful - particularly given the dramatic declines recorded in some species we think of as secure (are you seeing as many rabbits as you did 10 years ago? - when did you last see one around Aldbourne?).

There are many ways that you can record mammals but I would encourage you to download the Mammal Society app - Mammal Mapper - this is a great app that allows you to record all your sightings, whether you are out walking the dog, if you see something while driving home at night or even the squirrel or vole around your bird feeder. The app also allows you to record signs of mammals, including simple things like mole hills and rabbit burrows.

Nothing is too common and every record is useful and well received feeding back to the Mammal Society and Wiltshire Mammal Group and so contributing to citizen science.

Please do take up this challenge for Mammal Week and if you like the app then use it for every mammal you see (again I stress no sighting is too insignificant). If you are seeing mammals then let us know through our contact page!

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