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Wildlife Sightings

Please submit your sightings via email ( or via the contact box. Please do send photos if you are happy for them to be shared.

If a sighting interests you or has given you joy that you could share with others then please do submit - there is no threshold of interest.  We are also very happy to help out with identifying birds and beasts or trying to get your photos in front of someone who can.

If you do not wish to identify where something has been seen it can be shared without a location - please let us know when you send in the information.
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Monday 3rd June 2024
3 Ravens top of the hill opposite Ford Farm (Matthew Best)
Sunday 2nd June 2024
30 Species of bird Four Barrows Bird Walk (Four Barrows Bird Walk) - see the list here
Small Blue, Common Blue, Adonis Blue, Brown Argus, Brimstone, Grizzled Skipper, Dingy Skipper, Peacock, Small Heath butterflies, 5 spot Burnett, Burnett Companion, Forrester, Yellow Shell and Silver Y moths and 4 Hares High Clear Down (Aldbourne Wildlife Picnic
2 Yellow Wagtails Byway Near New Barns (Charlie and Wendy Elsey, Nick Whelan and Matthew Best)
Friday 31st May 2024
Hummingbird Hawkmoth Khandahar (Tim Beattie)
Hummingbird Hawkmoth Whitley Road (James Worby)
Wednesday 29th May 2024
Clytus arietus (Wasp Beetle) South Street (Sophie Best)
Monday 27thMay 2024
Peregrine St Michael's Church Tower (Matthew Best)
Green Woodpecker Byway to High Clear Down (Matthew Best)
100+ Fragrant Orchids, 200+ Common Spotted Orchids, 200+ Early Gentians High Clear Down (Matthew Best)
Small Heath, Dingy Skipper, Common Blue, Yellow Shell Moth and Five Spot Burnett (many!) High Clear Down (Matthew Best)
Sunday 26thMay 2024
Marsh Tit, Bullfinch and Sliver-line Brown Moth Poors Gorse (Matthew Best)
Friday 24thMay 2024
Muntjac  top of the hill opposite Ford Farm (Matthew Best)
Thursday 23rd May 2024
Family of Ravens top of the hill opposite Ford Farm (Matthew Best)
Wednesday 22nd May 2024
Stenocorus meridianus  beetle, bridleway opposite Ford Farm (Matthew Best)
Tuesday 21st May 2024
Willow Warbler, Firecrest and Fallow Deer  Love's Copse (Matthew Best)
Sunday 19th May 2024
Green Hairstreak, Small Heath, Brimstone, Peacock, Orange-tip, Wall Brown, Holly Blue, Painted Lady, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White, Speckled Wood, Dingy Skipper, Grizzled Skipper butterflies, Early Gentians and Spotted Orchid  High Clear Down and the Track leading to it (Matthew Best)
Yellow Wagtail  New Barns (Matthew Best)