Wildlife Sightings

Please submit your sightings via email (contact@aldbournewildlife.com) or via the contact box. Please do send photos if you are happy for them to be shared.

If a sighting interests you or has given you joy that you could share with others then please do submit - there is no threshold of interest.  We are also very happy to help out with identifying birds and beasts or trying to get your photos in front of someone who can.

If you do not wish to identify where something has been seen it can be shared without a location - please let us know when you send in the information.
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Monday 19th May
Eary gentian, Yellow rattle High Clear Down (Jenny Greaves)
Yellow wagtail New Barn track (Jenny Greaves)
Wednesday 25th May
Drinker moth track to Four Barrows (Matt Best)
5 Firecrest fledgelings  noisy and being fed by parents, track to Four Barrows (Matt Best)
Monday 9th May
Smooth newts, Garden pond on Lottage Road (Jodie Smitten)
Common Blue, Brown Argus, Small Copper  High Clear Down (Jon Beresford)
Thursday 5th May
Green Carpet, Pyrausta aurata, Pyraustra purpuralis  High Clear Down (Jon Beresford)
Monday 2nd May
Heron  on the pond (Nigel Payne)
Sunday 1st May
2 Whimbrel, yellow wagtail and 6 wheatear  on the four barrows bird walk (Matthew Best)
30 moths of 14 species in the churchyard moth trap- see insect page for details. (Emily Best)
Saturday 30th April
2 Green hairstreaks, peacocks, brimstones, tortoiseshell, holly blues, dusky skipper, green-veined white butterflies, dotted bee-fly and a fox, cowslips, and chalk milkwort  at High Clear Down (Emily and Matthew Best)
Yellow wagtail and lots of whitethroats and a Long tailed tit nest on the track to High Clear Down (Emily and Matthew Best)

Newt , garden pond on Kandahar (Ros Oswald) 
Fox family and hedgehogs,
horse field at end of Lottage road (Vicky Davies)
Tuesday 26th April
Brimbstones 16, Small Tortoiseshell 9, Orange tip 9, Green Veined White 13, Large White 2, Holly Blue 1, Peacock 1, track to High Clear Down (Jon Beresford)
Grizzled Skipper 5, Hare, High Clear Down (Jon Beresford
Thursday 21st April
Arianella cucurbitina  garden on Marlborough Road (Jenny Greaves)
Wednesday 30th March
1 Roe Buck, 1 Juvenile Muntjac and 2 SIKA DEER stags at High Clear Down (Matthew Best)
Wednesday 30th March
1 Roe Buck, 1 Juvenile Muntjac and 2 SIKA DEER stags at High Clear Down (Matthew Best)
Sunday 27th March
3 Common Quakers, 11 Hebrew Characters, 4 Early Greys, 20 Small Quakers, 1 Pale Pinion, 4 Clouded Drabs, 1 Twin-spotted Quaker, 1 Early Thorn and 1 Brindled Pug moth catch on Lottage Road (Emily Best)
Friday 25th March
7 Hares chasing each other around just out of parish next to the old railway near Ogbourne St George (Carolyn Davis)
Thursday 24th March
Stoat The Downs (Dyson Wilkes)
Hibernating hedgehog
 The Downs (Dyson Wilkes)
3 Slow worm Churchyard (Emily Best)
4 Small Quaker, 2 Common Quaker and 1 Hebrew Character moths  Lottage Road (Emily Best)
Wednesday 23rd March
Brambling (Male)  Giant's Grave (Matthew Best)
Singing Meadow Pipits and Stonechat  Sugar Hill (Matthew Best)
Several large groups of fieldfare on the Aldbourne Circuit also 49 Linnets beyond Four Barrows and Brimstones, Tortoiseshells and Peacock Butterflies all flying (Matthew Best)

4 Roe Deer  Giant's Grave (Matthew Best)
3 Roe Deer  
Just beyond North Farm (Matthew Best)
Tuesday 22nd March
Polecat x Ferret Hybrid  sadly killed on the road just beyond North Farm (Tim Marriot)
Peacock Butterfly Aldbourne Village (Jo Day)
Monday 21st March
Tortoiseshell  Aldbourne Village (Jo Day)
3 Brambling, lots of Siskins, singing treecreeper and 3 or 4 Marsh Tits Love's Copse (Emily Best)
1 Woodlark  Singing near Love's Lane (Emily Best)
Sunday 20th March
Tortoiseshell  Aldbourne Village (Jo Day)
Firecrest singing  in the pine spinney before Love's Copse (also many goldcrests in the same location (Matthew Best)
5 Lesser Redpoll, lots of Siskins, singing treecreeper and nuthatches Love's Copse (Matthew Best)
3 Woodlark  Singing near Love's Lane (Matthew Best)
Female Brambling  under and on the feeders on Lottage Road (Matthew Best)
Peacock Butterfly
 in St Michael's Church (Matthew Best)
Saturday 19th March
2 Firecrests  at the bottom of the four barrows track (Matthew Best)
Friday 18th March
Brimstones and tortoiseshell butterflies  lots around but many on Palmers Field (Jo Day and Emily Best)
Wednesday 16th March
2 Bramblings  on a Manor Farm feed strip (Henry Brown and Matthew Best)
Barn Owl  
North Field Barn (Ben and Matthew Best)
Tuesday 15th March
Grey Wagtail,  West Street (Rob Warren)
Brimstone Butterfly 
Aldbourne (Jo Day)
Sunday 13th March
Chiffchaff (singing) and Firecrests at the bottom of the four barrows track (James Wallace)
Saturday 12th March
Black Oil Beetles 14 on the edge of the green including several mating pairs (Ben Best)
Sunday 6th March
2 Cormorants on the four barrows track (Four Barrows Monthly walk)
3 Peregrines
 around the church tower in the morning (NickWhelan and Matthew Best)
Saturday 5th March
Female Brambling still around the feeders on Lottage Road (Matthew Best)
Friday 4th March
Female Brambling around the feeders on Lottage Road (Matthew Best)
Thursday 3rd March
Female Brambling around the feeders on Lottage Road (Matthew Best)
Sunday 20th February
Muntjac Deer,  Loves Coplse (Emily Best)
Thursday 17th February
3 woodlark performing song flight,  Loves Lane (Emily Best)
Hare, Loves Lane (Emily Best)
3 Roe Dear, Loves Copse (Emily Best)
Wednesday 16th February
3 Hares and a Roe Deer,  Track to High Clear Down (Matt Best)
Stoat, crossing road beyond West Leaze (Matt Best)

Sunday 12th February
Brambling, East Lease Farm (Matt Best)
Saturday 11th February
Lesser Redpoll, 100+ Siskins, Goldfinches, Loves Copse (Matt Best)
3 woodlarks, Loves Lane (Matt Best)