Plants and Fungi Sightings

Please submit your plant and fungi sightings via email ( or via the contact box. Please do send photos if you are happy for them to be shared.
Please tell us about flower, trees, toadstools and anything else you can identify and find that is unusual.
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Wednesday 7th July
Broomrape, Four Barrows Track (Matt Best) 
Sunday 4th July
 Common Spotted Orchid,  High Clear Down (Jon Beresford)
Monday 29th June
English Stonecrop, Yellow Stonecrop, Ox eye daisies, Rough Hawkbit, Sweet Woodruff, St Michael's churchyard (Jenny Greaves)
Monday 7th June
Common Sainfoin, along the Ridgeway, (Nigel Payne)
Saturday 5th June
Hawthorn, in full bloom on four barrows track (Nigel Payne)
Wednesday 26th May
Chalk Milkwort, Yellow Rattle, High Clear Down (Emily Best)
Tuesday 25th May
Early Purple Orchid Flower, Love's Copse, (Nick Whelan)
Friday 14th May
Solomon's Seal, Love's Lane and Poors' Gorse (Jo Hutchings)
Wednesday 12th May
Bluebells in full bloom and Early Purple Orchid almost out, Love's Copse (Nick Whelan)
Friday 30th April
Bluebells, including a few white ones in Love's Copse (Nick Whelan)
Tuesday 27th April
English stonecrop, White Dead Nettle, Hoary Plantain, Mouse Ear Hawkweed,
Bulbous Buttercups, BugleSt Michael's churchyard (Jenny Greaves)
Sunday 25th April
Snake's Head Fritillary, garden on Kandahar (Nick Whelan)
Monday 12th April

Cow slips (coming into flower High Clear Down), Early Purple Orchid (leaves only - thanks Nick for the inspiration to look for this one!) High Clear Down nature reserve (Matt and Emily Best) 

Friday  9th April

Early Purple Orchid Love's Copse - in leaf but not yet in flower (Nick Whelan)

Wednesday 31st March

Violets, Primroses, Wood Anemone, Lesser Celandine lots of early spring flowers Snap and Snap Farm (Matt and Ben Best)

Sunday 28th March

Bluebells very first blooms emerging at Love's Copse (Emily Best)

Saturday 27th March

Wood anemone by the road at Ewin's Hill Farm (Matt and Ben Best)