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Projects and Activities

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Swifts, Swallows and House Martins are summer visitors to our village, migrating from south of the Sahara where they spend the winter in order to breed on and in our houses. Sadly all three bird species are in chronic decline, mainly due to the loss of suitable nesting sites.  We would love records of any active nests within Aldbourne parish

Buff Tip and Privet Hawk-moth

We are running a monthly moth trapping session in St Michael's Churchyard to survey and monitor the amazing diversity of moth species living in this important natural environment. All are welcome to come along at 9am on the first Sunday of each month to see what has been caught the previous night.


We have started a monthly bird walk to Four Barrows and back.  We meet at the start of the by-way and crooked corner and go on our walk come rain or shine.  The walk leaves at 6am or or at sunrise, whichever is later, on the first Sunday of each month.  To find out about the next walk click the link below.  Bring binoculars and warm clothes.  Find more information and sightings here...

Peregrine prey remains monitoring

The peregrines on the church tower are part of a larger (nationwide) study looking at prey remains.  The prey remains from this pair are routinely collected, identified and recorded.  Please do not remove prey remains from the church yard (but do feel free to move them to the base of the tower if you wish).  Find out more...

Barn owl box.jpg

Everybody loves Barn Owls and much of the British population is dependent upon man made nesting boxes.  We have a project where we are erecting boxes and monitoring existing boxes - we have over 10 so far but would like more so if you have a barn or field and would like a Barn Owl box, or if you already have a box please do get in touch.  Find out more...

Hedgehog at the pond

Aldbourne Hedgehog Hunt

Riverfly monitoring in the Winterbourne
High Clear Down Volunteer Group

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