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High Clear Down

High Clear Down is a Wiltshire
Wildlife Trust nature reserve
managed in a traditional way to
encourage chalk downland
pasture and its amazing plant
and animal life. 
It is just over 3km walk from the
centre of Aldbourne and the
walk will reward you with
Corn Buntings.
The reserve itself is a 10 hectare area of steep unimproved grassland that boasts no fewer than 6 species of orchids, the nationally scarce Early Gentian and, in May, an impressive carpet of Chalk Milkwort.  In addition, a selection of unusual butterflies are attracted to this special habitat with Duke of Burgundy, Adonis Blue, Chalkhill blue and Brown Argus all reported here, as well as many others.
The open grassland and lovely views make a great picnic spot in summer and with no paths there is free reign to explore the special flora of this site.
More information and a downloadable brochure are available from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust here:
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