Mammal Sightings

Please submit your mammal sightings via email ( or via the contact box. Please do send photos if you are happy for them to be shared.
We are after all mammal sightings please, even common animals and repeat sightings 
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Wednesday 30th March
1 Roe Buck, 1 Juvenile Muntjac and 2 SIKA DEER stags at High Clear Down (Matthew Best)
Friday 25th March
7 Hares chasing each other around just out of parish next to the old railway near Ogbourne St George (Carolyn Davis)
Thursday 24th March
Stoat The Downs (Dyson Wilkes)
Hibernating hedgehog
 The Downs (Dyson Wilkes)
Wednesday 23rd March
4 Roe Deer  Giant's Grave (Matthew Best)
3 Roe Deer  
Just beyond North Farm (Matthew Best)
Tuesday 22nd March
Polecat x Ferret Hybrid  sadly killed on the road just beyond North Farm (Tim Marriot)
Sunday 20th February
Muntjac Deer,  Loves Copse (Emily Best)
Thursday 17th February
Hare, Loves Lane (Emily Best)
3 Roe Dear, Loves Copse (Emily Best)
Wednesday 16th February
3 Hares and a Roe Deer,  Track to High Clear Down (Matt Best)
Stoat, crossing road beyond West Leaze (Matt Best)

Friday 4th February
Weasel Southward Lane(Emily Best)
Thursday 3rd February
Pygmy Shrew, St Michael's Churchyard (Ben Best) 
Friday 21st January
Common Shrew,  Hawkins Road (Sadie Darling-Hewitt)
Wednesday 19th January
Fox,  crossing B4192 by Four Barrows (Emily Best)
Friday 17th December
2 Roe Deer, field at top of Oxford Street (Ros Oswald)
Wednesday 15th December
8 Roe Deer, Upper Upham (Emily and Matt Best)
Wednesday 8th December
12 Roe Deer, 2 Grey Squirrels and 1 Rabbit
 Manor Farm (Henry Brown, Matt Best)
Monday 6th December
Hedgehog, night-time visitor to garden on Lottage Road (Heather)
Friday 3rd December
Hedgehog, night-time visitor to garden on Oxford Street (Jennifer Rendell)
Sunday 14th November
Roe Deer 
from track to Highclear Down (Emily Best)
Thursday 11th November
Harvest Mouse nest, Four Barrows track (Emily Best)
Monday 8th November
1 Harvest mice nest, Baydon Hill Farm (Emily Best)
Sunday 7th November
2 Harvest mice nests, Shipley bottom, (Emily and Matt Best)