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St Michael's Church and Churchyard

St Michael's church is the focal and spiritual heart of the community.  This 11th century church is not only architecturally impressive but the church and its extensive church yard are filled with wildlife and is a testament to the beautiful intricacy and wonder of God's creation.  The church community actively manage the entire property for the benefit of wildlife and have been awarded the Bishop's award for good management for wildlife for many consecutive years. 
Management follows guidelines from the
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and include allowing
flowers, grasses and trees to grow as well as
leaving lichens and plants to grow freely on
surfaces such as gravestones.
The church yard is a great place to sit with
outstanding views; you can watch the birds
coming and going over the village or focus
closer to your feet on the wildflowers and
insects living throughout the yard. 
A particular joy for the village is the resident
pair of peregrines living on the tower -
look out for them cruising around the tower or
sitting on the gargoyles.  The prey remains are
being studied as part of a larger study of
peregrines in the UK so please do not remove .
any carcases from the church yard.
Find out more about the church here:
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