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About Aldbourne Wildlife

Aldbourne Wildlife is a group of local enthusiasts who are passionate about nature in all its forms.  We are lucky to have professional ecologists, experienced amateurs, motivated locals and children, with magnifying glasses and pooters, within the village and Aldbourne Wildlife is a group where all can share their experiences and knowledge with each other.
Everyone is welcome, no question is too simple and every wildlife experience is valuable when shared.

We share what we see, gather to watch wildlife together and learn from each other.  We look to foster a love for the nature of the village reaching out to those who would like to know more, both in the community in general and in the school.  We have a special link with Carbon Neutral Aldbourne - our amazing village action group that looks to enhance the world around us and to save what we currently enjoy so that our children can enjoy it too.
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A Stoat Kit
Slow worm
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The Aldbourne Wildlife Team

Dr Emily Best

slow worm kennet.jpeg

Emily loves being immersed in the natural world observing, studying and experiencing nature in all its forms. She has a degree and a PhD in Zoology and a Masters in Conservation and leads our monitoring projects, whether that's churchyard moths, riverfly counts in the Bourne, or small mammal surveys in the woods. She is passionate about enabling others to enjoy and discover their local wildlife. and runs biodiversity monitoring workshops, writes articles, leads wildlife tours and gives talks for a wide range of groups from pre-school classes, through to university graduates and interested members of the local community. 

Matthew Best

matt in a meadow.jpg

Matt is small animal internal medicine veterinary specialist who spends his free time exploring our local wildlife. In particular is extremely knowledgeable about birds, having held his ringing licence for around 20 years, and he runs our bird projects and uses his a schedule 1 licence to head up our barn owl nest box scheme.

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