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We are so lucky to have the fastest animal in the world choose to come and watch over our village.  Do take the chance to come to a Church service or to sit in the Blue Boar garden and watch these fighter jets of the bird world cruise around the tower.  A band of volunteers from the village are currently engaged in a nationwide project to monitor prey remains to try to help study what the peregrines are eating.  Please do not remove prey remains from the church yard.  If you wish to become involved then please do email us at or use the contact box and we can pass your details on to the peregrine team!

Prey species recorded so far include: starling, blackbrid, redwing, songthrush, jackdaw, woodpigeon, feral pigeon, red-legged partridge, golden plover and woodcock.  Starling and jackdaw have been the most commonly found species so far.
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Peregrine Prey Project

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