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Other Invertebrate Sightings

Please submit your invertebrate sightings via email ( or via the contact box. Please do send photos if you are happy for them to be shared.
Please tell us about slugs, snails, spides, centipedes, worms and anything else you can identify.
green line pic.png
Sunday 26th June
3 common harvestmen, garden moth trap on Hawkins Road Road (Emily Best),
Friday 3th June
Amaurobius ferox  under woodpile Hawkins Road (Matt Best)
Thursday 21st April 2022
Arianella cucurbitina  garden on Marlborough Road (Jenny Greaves)
Friday 28th January
3 Netted Field Slugs, Highclear Down  (Alice Best) 
Wednesday 22nd September
Garden Spider - Living in our Lottage Road garden (Ben Best)