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Aldbourne Moth Report 2021

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This year has represented a bumper year for moth recording in Aldbourne parish.  Prior to 2020 there were only 34 species of moth within the official records for Aldbourne and most of these came from monitoring fieldwork on the Wildlife Trust High Clear Down nature reserve.  In 2021 and amazing 14 observers contributed records for moths within the parish (incredibly approaching 50% of the total species previously recorded!!).

In total 263 species of moth were recorded – these records included casual sightings of adult moths or caterpillars, pheromone lure-based observations and light traps which were run at two separate locations within the village.  In total 3639 individual moths were counted and recorded, and this was without counting the Mullein caterpillars!


This brings the total number of species recorded in Aldbourne (when species recorded in 2020 and from historic records are included) to 278 moth species.


Credits to Harriet Ainsworth, Tim Beattie, Jon Beresford, Alice Best, Benjamin Best, Emily Best, Matthew Best, Sophie Best, Jenny Greaves, Sandy Martin, Ros Oswald, Nigel Payne, Jennifer Rendell and Nick Whelan.



Alder Moth

Angle Shades

Ash-bark Knot-horn

August Thorn

Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix

Barred Red

Barred Sallow

Barred Straw

Barred Umber

Beaded Chestnut

Beautiful Hook-tip

Beautiful Plume

Bee Moth

Bird-cherry Ermine

Bird's-nest Moth

Black Arches

Black Rustic

Black-headed Conch



Box-tree Moth

Bright-line Brown-eye

Brimstone Moth

Brindled Beauty

Brindled Plume

Brindled Pug

Broken-barred Carpet

Brown Scallop

Brown Silver-line

Brown-spot Pinion

Buff Arches

Buff Ermine

Buff Footman


Burnet Companion

Burnished Brass


Canary-shouldered Thorn

Centre-barred Sallow

Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix


Chinese Character


Clouded Border

Clouded Drab

Clouded Silver

Cnephasia sp

Common Carpet

Common Emerald

Common Footman

Common Marble

Common Marbled Carpet

Common Plume

Common Pug

Common Purple and Gold

Common Quaker

Common Rustic agg.

Common Swift

Common Wainscot

Common Wave

Common Yellow Conch

Copper Underwing


Coxcomb Prominent

Currant Clearwing

Dark Arches

Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix

Dark Umber

Dark/Grey Dagger agg.

December Moth

Dingy Footman

Dotted Ermel

Double Square-spot

Double-striped Pug

Double-striped Tabby

Drinker Moth


Dusky Pearl

Dusky Thorn

Early Grey

Early Thorn

Elbow-stripe Grass-veneer

Elder Pearl

Elephant Hawk-moth

European Corn-borer


Feathered Gothic

Feathered Thorn

Five-spot Burnett


Flame Shoulder

Flounced Rustic


Four-dotted Footman

Four-spotted Obscure

Foxglove Pug

Frosted Orange

Furness Dowd

Garden Carpet

Garden Grass-veneer

Garden Pebble

Garden Rose Tortrix

Ghost Moth

Grass Rivulet

Great Prominent

Green Carpet

Green Pug

Green-brindled Crescent

Grey Shoulder-knot

Grey-streaked Smudge

Gypsy Moth

Heart & Club

Heart and Dart

Hebrew Character

Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Ingrailed Clay

Iron Prominent

Jersey Tiger

Knot Grass

Large Emerald

Large Fruit-tree Tortrix

Large Nutmeg

Large Yellow Underwing

Least Carpet

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Lesser Yellow Underwing

Light Arches

Light Brocade

Light Brown Apple Moth

Light Emerald

Lilac Beauty

Lime-speck Pug

Little Grey

Little Lance-wing

Lobster Moth

Long-horned Flat-body

Lunar Underwing

Maple Button

Marbled Beauty

Marbled Green

Marbled Minor agg.

Marbled Piercer

March Moth

March Tubic

Marsh Grey

Merveille du Jour

Middle-barred Minor


Mother of Pearl

Mother of Shipton

Mottled Beauty

Mottled Pug

Mullein Moth

Muslin Moth

Narrow-bordered 5 Spot Burnett


Northern Grey

Nut-tree Tussock

Oak Beauty

Oak Hook-tip

Olive Pearl

Orange Clearwing

Orange Crest

Orange Footman

Orange Pine Twist

Orange Swift

Orange-tailed Clearwing

Pale Mottled Willow

Pale Prominent

Pale Straw Pearl

Pale Tussock Moth

Pearl Grass-veneer

Pebble Prominent

Peppered Moth


Plain Golden Y

Poplar Grey

Poplar Hawk-moth

Powdered Quaker

Privet Hawk-moth

Purple Thorn

Puss Moth

Red Twin-spot Carpet

Red-green Carpet

Red-line Quaker

Riband Wave

Rosy Footman

Rosy Rustic

Rosy Tabby

Ruby Tiger

Rush Veneer

Rustic Shoulder-knot

Scallop Shell

Scalloped Hazel

Scalloped Hook-tip

Scalloped Oak

Scarce Footman

Scarlet Tiger

Scarlet Tigers

Scorched Carpet

Scorched Wing

Scotch Pearl

Setaceous Hebrew Character



Short-cloaked Moth

Shoulder-striped Wainscot

Shuttle-shaped Dart

Silver Y

Silver-ground Carpet

Single-dotted Wave

Six-spot Burnett

Small Blood-vein

Small Dusty Wave

Small Elephant Hawk-moth

Small Fan-footed Wave

Small Magpie

Small Purple & Gold

Small Quaker

Small Rivulet

Small Scallop

Small Square-spot

Small Yellow Wave



Square-spot Rustic

Straw Conch

Straw Dot

Straw Grass-veneer

Straw Underwing

Swallow-tailed Moth

Translucent Pearl

Treble Brown Spot

Treble Lines

Turnip Moth

Twin-spotted Quaker

Uncertain / Rustic agg


Waved Umber

White Ermine

White Plume Moth

White-pinion Spotted


Willow Beauty

Wood Tiger

Yarrow Conch

Yellow Shell

Yellow Tail Moth

Yellow-barred Brindle

Yellow-line Quaker

Yellow-spot Twist

Yponomeuta padella/malinellus

December moth
Merville du Jour
Drinker moth caterpillar
Canary-shouldered Thorn
Pale tussock moth caterpillar 2.jpg
Privet Hawk-moth (Nigel Payne)
Elephant hawk moth caterpillar
Narrow-bordered five-spot burnet
Mullein caterpillar (Jenny Greaves)
Scarlet Tigers (Nigel Payne)
Elephant and small elephant hawkmoths
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