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Aldbourne is blessed with an exciting and diverse range of wildlife of all sizes and colours.  Within the village there is an army of knowledgeable and enthusiastic naturalists who seek out and record the nature on our doorstep. The latest sightings of all taxa are shared in our Wildlife Sightings and we encourage all to take a closer look at the world around us. 



We are passionate about sharing the wonders of the natural world with all; from toddlers at playgroup to retirees looking to swap the office for a pair of binoculars and a bird feeder. Check out our Nature Notes and Projects to find out exciting ways to get involved.

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We aim to provide people with a deeper knowledge about our wildlife, thereby inspiring them to protect the natural world around us. Taking the next step into nature also protects our physical and mental health while fostering a sense of community. 


Welcome to Aldbourne Wildlife

Aldbourne Wildlife is the local community wildlife group for the parish of Aldbourne, an area of chalk downland located north-east of Marlborough, within the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Together, we explore and celebrate our local wildlife, provide opportunities for others to engage with nature and inspire one another to cherish and protect our precious biodiversity.



Aldbourne, Wiltshire, UK

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