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Wildlife round-up this week (8th May)

The last week has brought some welcome rain that I am sure will help boost the spring flowers, although we have not seen an accompanying increase in temperature and so the number of insect around remains very low for this time of year.

Bird highlights include the first Swifts and House Martin reports for the year as well as some interesting migrants around (see the birds sightings page for 10 Wheatears, 2 Whinchats and a Yellow Wagtail all together). Two Woodlarks were singing near Love’s Copse on bank holiday Monday and this is a very unusual sighting. It is nice to hear reports of more fledglings with Rooks reported on Kandahar and you can expect to have baby Starlings following their parents and baby Robins around this week.

The hedgehog sightings remain the main mammal sighting as bats are keeping a low profile in the cold wet weather. Hares are still visible despite the crops gradually getting taller and providing them with cover.

Slow worms continue to be reported with two seen in the church yard and one in a garden on Marlborough road.

The number of butterflies continues to climb with Green-veined White butterflies particularly increasing this week, but the numbers remain low for the time of year. A Green Hairstreak was flying at High Clear Down; this strikingly beautiful butterfly is the UK’s only truly green butterfly.

There are lots of interesting bees around at the moment so take a closer look at them. If you are able to get a good picture we are happy to try to help you identify them. Check out the insects sightings page to see some of the bees seen around the village this week as you might be able to match bees in your garden to the photos!

It is great to have so many sightings coming in. If you see anything of interest around the village, or anywhere within the parish, please do get in touch.

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