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Aldbourne Hedgehogs

Thank you so much for the amazing response to our request for hedgehog sightings. It is very interesting to see where they are active in the village this spring. We have plotted their locations on the map below and you'll be able to see there are two main cluster locations. The key question now is are they absent in the south and east of the village or have they just not been reported. If anyone else has sightings of hedgehogs or signs of their presence (such as faeces) this year we'd love to hear about them.

If you would like to help the hedgehogs visiting your gardens to gain the energy they need to raise their little hoglets then putting out meaty cat food is a great idea, please remember that they can't digest milk or bread. Hedgehog street have some great ideas on how to build a simple feeding station that the hogs can visit but that is too tricky for cats to use:

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