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Swifts, swallows and house martins nesting survey

While we relax enjoying the summer holidays, high above our heads screaming swifts, trilling house martins and whistling swallows are hard at work as the breeding season comes to a close before they begin their long flights back to sub-Saharan Africa where they will avoid our winter weather. Sadly these iconic summer sights and sounds are becoming rarer as all three species are in significant decline, mainly due to the lose of suitable nesting sites.

Given the huge success of the ongoing hedgehog survey (down to your brilliant participation in reporting sightings) we would love your help again; this time we are asking for the location and number of active nests of any of these three bird species (both natural and in nest boxes), in the Aldbourne parish so that we can monitor how

they are fairing locally over time. All three species are site faithful returning to the same locations to breed each year so this provides a great opportunity to get to know our local wildlife a little better and to potentially give them a helping hand in future.

Please submit nest site records to and do check out our website: for information on this and other wildlife projects in our village. Thank you!

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